WizBoing (for DPS2004)

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To DPS2004,

Merry Spring!

I spent like two weeks working on the movement and the teleporting effects.
I had a hard time thinking about what the game would be.
I wanted it to be something really simple, elegant.
I ended up trying to see how complicated I could make something in a short amount of time.

I came up with most of the gameplay and assets in the past 24 hours.
I'll probably tinker with this a bit in the future.

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wow i really love how it

wow i really love how it looks! the wizard's eyes are so cute

wicked fun!

I could not ask for more in a gift. Loved the graphics! the teleport animation was so smooth! really enjoyable gameplay too.

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this is a lot of fun for

this is a lot of fun for something so supposedly "broken"- I kept replaying it just to learn what I was doing. Maybe it's the satisfyingness of collecting gems and the sound effects when you teleport. Something very satisfying about it

also I have no idea what the "KO" and tragedy/comedy objects do. Which just makes me want to go back in again and learn more. Also I tend to starve pretty quickly but I guess that's the point of a roguelike

I also like the little action inticator in the corner that switches between "TELEPORT" "ROCK" and other prompts, and occaisionally symbols appear over it that I also have no idea what they mean... This is the kind of thing I love

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uh oh

Dope game. I like that it works on mobile

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Holy shit this was

Holy shit this was surprisingly intense. The short timer and frantic clicking and layering of sound effects all work well together. I love the dinosaurs and the taunting witches and the sounds.

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uh oh

your aesthetics are so good. this was a very wild game. very difficult which means i get to use more lives.

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This reminds me of

This reminds me of Capitalism.

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Gimme the frog guy.

Gimme the frog guy.

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Mine now

Mine now

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How'd you do that?

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Just downloaded the GIF from the itch page, cropped it, ditched all the frames I didn't need, and cut out the BG. (with https://glimpse-editor.github.io/)

I made it an emoji on my Mastodon instance, hope that's okay. (https://gamemaking.social/@gamemakingtools/104493522582171123)

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That's more thank okay, I may use this gif too!