In The Well

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I pondered several story ideas for this, but didn't really like any of them. So, just enjoy this wordless implementation.

Arrows to move; Z, Space or Up to jump.

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I really like this! I only have two wishes. I wish I could hit a key to start the onslaught immediately / wait a second to mentally prepare myself when I die (my level of patience depending entirely on whether I've hit the checkpoint or not). I also wish that jumping into the bottom of a falling block before it hits the ground wouldn't kill me instantly.

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this is really well paced.

this is really well paced. yeah, mid-air crushing and the tendency of the player to get snagged on boulders are problems. but it has butt rocks.

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I decided to play this again

I decided to play this again and beat it! Is the ending a nod to WarioWare?