You Are Soft



...but not soft enough! Despite being the anthropomorphized manifestation of the very concept of Softness, these score gems are just too pointy.

You'll have to eat some cookies first. But those cookies might make you sluggish, so then you'll have to eat some other, faster cookies. Nobody can eat cookies forever, though.

The game starts in Soft Mode. Press H to start a new game in Hard Mode.

Jake Eakle
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The movement system is

The movement system is pretty interesting, I like it!
Best scores: 51 on soft, -740 on hard.

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A passive ability that

A passive ability that determines whether or not you break the score-gems is interesting to me. It reminds me concepts like "receptivity". Like, you have to invest in cultivating an aspect of yourself by focusing on something seemingly unrelated to your goal in order to be receptive to the goal in order to be able to handle it or recognize it.