Harvest Day

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Harvest up to 16 type of plant

music: Sun City Girls - Apna Desh

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An event


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Hobbesian Order

Just this morning, I was reading about Thomas Hobbes and his moral & political philosophy. I think the world you've created here is a fair metaphor for what he describes.

In ROT13, because of potential spoilers:
Gurer'f gur Angheny Jbeyq, gur fgngr bs Jne naq pbasyvpg. Gurer'f nyfb gur Jbeyq bs gur Fgngr, juvpu birefrrf gur Angheny Jbeyq va na rssbeg gb cebivqr (ng yrnfg, va fbzr fznyy jnl) sbe gur Pbzzbajrnygu. Vs gur fgngr znantrf gb birepbzr gur qnatref bs gur Angheny Jbeyq, jryy gura vg orpbzrf n dhrfgvba bs whfgvpr: vf gur Fgngr cebivqvat sbe nyy vgf pvgvmraf rdhvgnoyl?

Boivbhfyl, gur jbeyq lbh'ir ohvyg urer vf n pehry bar (rira gubhtu vg'f fvzcyvsvrq naq fgernzyvarq, gung zhpu vf boivbhf). Shegure, vg'f gur Angheny jbeyq gung vf fgevccrq njnl, yvgrenyyl fgrc ol fgrc, naq gur Fgngr vf erirnyrq haqrearngu vg. Vg cbvagf bhg cbgragvny ceboyrzf jvgu fbpvrgl naq gur Fgngr... Vs gur Angheny Jbeyq vf n fgngr bs jne, naq gur Fgngr vf pbrepvir naq unf n creiregrq frafr bs whfgvpr, gb jurer qbrf n pvgvmra ghea?

This was a great piece to see first thing in the morning. Well done...!