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4 scenes
some made months apart

Made For: 
An event


Liminal Edges

The scene that you show in this screenshot is currently my favourite. The interactivity is amusing, but something about the insubstantial edges on everything, coupled with the static-filled audio sample, makes me think of sound waves being turned into solids.

And your punchline in the final scene was good for a laugh, too. :)

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Makes me think of some

Makes me think of some nuanced cat-feelings I have. The dark scene brings to mind the fear/predator perspective that I imagine they have when they are jumpy. The frogs strewn about remind me of the thoughtless hunting-addiction they seem to have regardless of their actual hunger; I see the oranges making this clear since cats have no desire to eat oranges, but they probably want to slice them open when they see them move.
I also like the use of repeating sprites as ornamental borders.

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This one is really good. I

This one is really good. I like how the four scenes together tell a semi-coherent story. The sound/music and visual effects really elevate this. I love the tiny cat dancing with some oranges on a cube of grass.