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relive the magic of harry potter with this epic game

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An event


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it's just like the real

it's just like the real harry's potter! learned lots about wizards and magic in the potter game. favorite part was being able to use the spell bound to the 1 key in the middle of cutscenes

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I've been thinking of making

I've been thinking of making a Pottergame using ripped potter assets but it'd be Dark Souls but with Dobby. Dobby Souls.

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"cut to the chase: are there

"cut to the chase: are there beans in there?" had me absolutely rolling

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this is, of course, perfection

one has pondered... why are the toilets there?

the truth.. will shock and titillate you. the truth made my nipples fall off. i will never use a bathroom again because of robert galbraith...

The voice acting

I love that sexy sexy Dumbledore voice

it's!!! !

ohhhhhhh man ohhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! harry