Mabel Normand Rocks!

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Another silly little thing for Grid Grind 2020. Made in a few days to get me out of a game making rut and learn some more Unity. I threw dice to select from the grid and got 163: Online Chat Room; Mabel; Edible Rocks. The environment is made out of screenshots from the hot-jamz channel of the altgamez Discord - because when I was throwing around ideas in there sergio pointed out that we were in a online chat room. The main mechanic - collide with one thing to go faster and another for game over - came about from playing Jake Clover's recent game here on GT. The music is 'Hello Mabel' by Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band which is about Mabel Normand. I'm grateful that researching for this jam led me to learn about Mabel, a huge star and important pioneer in the early days of cinema now largely forgotten.

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I lasted 90 seconds! I love

I lasted 90 seconds! I love the background tune and how it gets faster and everything. Together, they makes it frantic, but not stressful


It's funny that my mouse is constantly crawling across my desk with this game... This is a really awesome, light-hearted combination of speed, excellent music, and the Grid Grind elements. Nice work here!

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