Build a Bridge for the Yellow Jogger

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I'm not sure if this qualifies considering that it involves blocks but not falling or wells. Either way, here you go- build a bridge to help the yellow jogger run from left to right!

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An event


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Augh, I can't use the

Augh, I can't use the ladders after I die. :(

Next time, be sure to use "jump to frame number frame" instead of "restart current frame". It fixes a lot of problems.

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Fuck, I thought I had caught

Fuck, I thought I had caught that bug.

It's okay

You don't need em. You could still get through the level without them. I had a lot of fun with the yellow jogger today. Good opening cutscene, I had fun with it... I dug that Nirvana got back together one rose from the grave to play a gentle track while yellow jogger was testing your bridge.. It's like you do everything for him, then you gotta be him.. It's a fun stuff.. Almost templatey.