Dream Criminal

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Another little thing for Grid Grind. This one is more a walking sim than anything else. It's quite short. Wander around and find notes that tell you what to do. From the grid I started with garden, fantasy creatures and medicine; it sort of developed from there in unexpected ways. And I couldn't resist putting Mabel in again. Really it was mostly a learning exercise - I wanted to figure out how to do certain things in Unity and in that respect it was a success; as a game I'm not so sure. But I upload it here for your gaming pleasure(?) The walking sim aspect was influenced by having played pink_of_cat's experiments in the genre.

The trashy image uploaded here is a deliberate misrepresentation for no especially good reason; I was thinking of how in the past box art was often so misleading and I just found it funny. Also I didn't want to post an in game screenshot as I felt that would spoil the experience.

I'd be intrigued to hear any interpretations.

Controls: WASD and mouse. Escape to quit.

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This is very cool! I

This is very cool! I hesitate to make a concrete interpretation of the dreamlike events of the game, but I liked the hints of story it evoked. Curious how many combos this checks for the event!

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I really liked these

I really liked these environments! Great aesthetic. Is there anything past the second area, or...?

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Yes - look for notes

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Cool! I'll have to give it a

Cool! I'll have to give it a second go

Omg the box art reminds me

Omg the box art reminds me of when I used to get a cool looking game and then the game was disappointing, only because it looked nothing like the cover looool. I like it. I'd definitely play a longer game like this with more content and if more changes took place within each scene. The walk speed was pretty slow, but it does add to the dream-like feel. I really liked the jumps between each scene- felt unexpected and mysterious.