Deserting the Army cause your shoes don't fit right and you're actually a frog in disguise

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It is day 5 of your march towards an uncertain future. Your shiny new pair of leather boots has grown old and bitter. It may be durable but it was clearly not designed for your soft and shiny feet.

You must secretly fall behind the others, leave the troops, sell your boots and start a new life somewhere in the marshlands...



WASD or Arrow Keys to move, dont touch your fellow soldiers or the general will see right through your plans!



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GameOver and Winning Screen and title by pferd-am-herd:

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Makes me realize that I give

Makes me realize that I give fantastical armies way more benefit of a doubt that I give real contemporary armies as an American.
Since the frog army is using battle-axes and the general feel from them I get is that there is a magical element to their march, I feel like I am losing out in a way not getting to attend the battle of good-versus evil that they are trekking to.
I'm spent on real-life militarism, I feel that it is powered by corruption, alienation, and delusion. Playing this makes me more likely to apply that perception to animals wearing helmets, carrying archery equipment and swords.