Put the Pieces in the Box

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How many pieces can you put in the box before you run out of space? Has two modes: Skill (don't overlap any pieces) and Timed (put as many pieces in the box as you can in one minute).

Made for 1HGJ #278: Space


Made For: 
An event


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Practice Makes Perfect

I like the feeling that the "Skill" mode is for practice, and the "Timed" mode is the actual competition. In the first mode you scrutinize and optimize, trying to choose only the smallest pieces, while the Timed mode adds that extra layer of time pressure that hastens your decision-making process.

It's a great blend of game mechanics, almost like an instructional game about game design. Nicely done!

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What an incredibly effective

What an incredibly effective design. I think a lot about that scene in Inception, where what's his name asks Juno to make a maze that takes 30 seconds to draw, but a minute to complete. 1HGJ is such an incredibly restrictive event, and this game manages to have quite a bit going for it for something that can be implemented in an hour.