Dice App

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DICE APP, a dice-throwing and re-throwing utility made for HTML5. Works in nearly any browser.

This is something I kludged together in a few hours for personal use, but maybe you'll find it useful as well.

Throw dice by clicking on the image of the die on the left, and the result is displayed in the dice pool to the right.
Re-throw a die or remove it by pressing the buttons that appear on either side if the die display when you hover over it.
(The red one deletes the result, while the green one re-throws the same die)
Your Dice Pool can contain up to 10 results.
Clicking on "Reset Everything" restarts the program.

Currently version 0.1 . I will be adding to this periodically to add a few more features, but it will stay low-frills and won't do every conceivable die-throwing permutation possible. Go to AnyDice for that. :)

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