Flappy Doom

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FLAPPY DOOM, another joke by me for Grid Grind 2020.

You are Flynn "Mabel" Taggart. Your mission: drag the demons back to hell (for as long as you can).
- Press the SPACEBAR to flap.
- Aim with the mouse. Shoot with the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON.
- If you are out of bullets, collecting them can help.
- Doors are locked unless you find the RED KEYCARD when prompted.
- Press the "R" key to start or restart the game.

Grid Grind elements used:
- mysterious industrial building
- "Mabel"
- locked doors

- Original Doom by id Software.
- Original Doom music and sound effects by Robert "Bobby" Prince. Patch mapper for this rendition by Tom Klok. Available at vgmpf.com.
- Flappy Bird tutorial made by Almighty Zen Taco via YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oz21yZFOhJo

Last updated 9 Sept 2020.

"Thank you for play!" [sic]

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A few additions and changes:

  • Added blue bottles: add 1 to score when collected
  • Added explosive barrels: player can touch them, but if shot they will explode and damage anything in the explosion
  • Minor graphical tweaks to the Grunt
  • Score for killing the different enemies now increased and scaled based on distance traveled in game
  • Fixed an annoying bug that moved barrel explosions around on the screen and/or spawned new bad guys

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This provides a neat

This provides a neat comparison for player-movement and art-assets.
Not suggesting you do this, but this could be expanded to include a 2d labyrinth if the map was built out and WASD determined the directions of flight/gravity.

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I love how this starts off

I love how this starts off as a beautiful, goofy joke, and slowly layers on mechanics to become its own interesting challenge.