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Tap adjacent numbers in order, while making sure you can tap another number next time. Tap on reverse blocks to reverse the order. Build longer chains to score more points.

Made for 1HGJ #281: Reverse Card

the number icons were made by me previously for an unfinished project

Made For: 
An event


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This is incredible,

This is incredible, especially for 1HGJ! The concept seems extremely ripe for development into a larger or commercial project. 1104 is the best I've managed. It was on my first attempt, and driven mainly by a very long first chain, suggesting that the more I play the game, the worse I get…

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Just scored 1574! I

Just scored 1574! I definitely think it's quite possible to just get low- or high-scoring boards by chance. But you never quite know! I feel like I'd love a feature that shows you the highest-scoring chain you missed, but there's a possibility that would just spoil the mystery.

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wow cool

Very entertaining game!!!!!