Rauul into the sunset

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Play in your pc or on your web browser!

Controls are
Arrows,Z and X

Have fun!

Made For: 
An event


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Johnny and the slightly higher production values

Impressive work. this style of game intrigues me. it's horrible but I can't get enough of it.

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Thanks For Playing!

More games coming soon!
I Happy you like it, even if you acknowledge that its not good.
Im happy that people are actually playing my games!
Thanks for playing Mate!

I couldn't beat the second

I couldn't beat the second level :/ But this is certainly an interesting game
I like the music!

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I'm glad you played!

I'm happy you played it! Even if you didn't get very far. Also it turns out I accidently left in a debug feature where if you press "o" it slips the current stage. But you can only get the bad ending as you need to collect all of the hidden top hats in each stage to see the final stages and true ending.
So use that if you get stuck or just want to see the rest of the game.

Thanks for playing!