5 years later, I made my video!

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About five years ago, I showered you all with questions on DOSBox, recording KnP games and more. You helped me hugely and I managed to get playthrough footage of all the games my mate Dan made with my assistance back in the 90s. As a fun gift to Dan, I used clips of all those games to mock up an industry promo video for a dev studio name that we made one GF game under then gave up on. And finally, 5 years later, he decided to post it online. So here it is, as my small thanks for all your help! Cheers!


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Incredible! Thanks for

Incredible! Thanks for sharing here. The future is Wildebeast, indeed! Or should that be Wildebeest? I suspect there may have been confusion even at the time.

This is a Trip

I thoroughly enjoy seeing these kinds of tributes and shared memories. I actually watched this shortly after you posted news of it here, but for some reason I hadn't commented.

There's a lot of love that goes into making games - particularly so, it seems, when it comes to GameMaker or KNP or Fusion or Scratch. Your highlight reel here is pretty great, and shows a lot of that love... Maybe we'll see a reinvention of Wildebeest/Wildebeast before the year is out...? ;)