Hungry Jack

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HUNGRY JACK, a dice "game" I made for an online workshop about making your own tabletop games. It's playable in nearly any browser.

HJ is actually a classic dice game, except it's not so much a game at all. Essentially, on your turn you throw the dice and see what happens.

  • When it's your turn, click the "Throw Dice!" button or press the SPACEBAR.
  • If your dice show a number that doesn't have a token on it (or in this case, a burger), then you place a token there from your supply.
  • If your dice show a number that already has a token on it, you take that token and add it to your supply.
  • If you are supposed to place a token but you have 0, the game ends. The player with the most tokens left is the winner.

I wanted to illustrate things such as luck, skill, and player choice in my workshop, and this is a tool that helps explain things without me resorting to a lecture fomat. I had fun putting it together.

As you may pick up from the "notes" I added, it's not too engaging a game, but it can be fun and surprising. Young kids like to play it because they just might win, beating the adults that are playing along with them. After all: dice have no gods, no masters.

Full credits and other details available in game.

PROTIP: don't like a portrait? Click on it and it will randomly change to one of ten portraits devised by

ANOTHER PROTIP: Pressing the ESC key will return you to the main menu screen.

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IQ Gaining Experience!

~Janson Kumori
This game is super educational, I love the music and the faces of the people!
Good work chap, keep it up!