Dwarf In My Pocket

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Note: Now version 1.1

DIMP is a "dwarfagotchi" application you can run in the background while you are doing stuff. Watch and/or direct your Dwarf to go mining, attack trespassers, groom its beard, and other interesting Dwarfy Things. Use the mouse and left-click on the various buttons to make things happen.

Your Dwarf won't feed itself, go to sleep on its own, or other special tasks, but it will do all manner of Dwarfy Things if you just let it run.

Vital information is saved when you close the application, so you can start up DIMP again, choose "Old Dwarf," and pick up where you left off.

I am actively looking for more stuff to add to this toy, so if you have any suggestions please let me know. Currently version 1.0.

I made this for my brother on the occasion of his birthday. He's a big fan of Warhammer: Total War so I figured he would dig this. I mean, he can't play Total War while he's at work, but he can play DIMP. Everybody wins...!

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Version 1.1

Game now plays sounds while minimized.
You can toggle sounds on/off. Click the "ear" button in the upper-right corner to turn sounds on/off.

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Really like this. Not

Really like this. Not getting any sound on Win 10 though (I have tried toggling).