Johnny Forever : Keeping it PG

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For Kubus day

The Johnny fangame that has been in planning for 2 years!


arrows to steer. Up is jump space is shrink and CRTL is shoot

Have Fun CHUMPS!

Oh and tell me if you find any GAME BREAKING GLICHES, thanks!

also DONT belive the help menu, it lies!

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An event


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Hidden Cleverness

I really enjoyed the first stage and making my way through to the first boss. Classic platforming, excellent shooting mechanic, and some added tension with the mystery jumps and drop-offs into the void: "Is it the next platform, or is it instant death?" Infinite lives help make me fearless. Clever use of the shifting between big and small to make it over obstacles is an excellent touch...! It's like it reminds you that it's a video game, and you have to keep in your mind the fact that you're playing a video game in order to progress.

Still trying to work out how to avoid all those ! projectiles with the DJ boss. I think I just figured out a new topic while typing this out, so I'm gonna have a go at it again now...

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Yes the mechanics are all intentional and im glad you liked them.
Also the later bosses (especially the final boss) get much more difficult.
Good luck!

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Heyy I didn't notice it's

Heyy I didn't notice it's also on GT! This is an excellent tribute to the late Mr. K, and it's very entertaining and rich in content! A big thank you for putting your time and effort into this.

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its nice to see such a positive comment!
And thank you aswell for playing it too.
My only regret is the save system, I should have made it every stage instead of separate rooms

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The help menu lied to me!

You warned me,
but I didn't listen!

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Silly title screen

For some reason when making the game, I thought it would be a good idea to make the title screen first.

What you see there are the original controlls.
Also the imprint on the title screen is one of the other designs for Johnny I originally created for this game.

Thanks for playing!