Space Rescue

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This is my first game ever so its more or less a test run. I hope you enjoy it though!

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An event


Prologue? Epilogue?

The storytelling vibe in this can't be ignored. I think one of the strengths of tools like Bitsy is that there's so much capacity for the player/viewer to fill in the blanks in terms of details, immediate dangers, motivations... the smells, the sounds... Bitsy and the tools like it allow the player to engage in their own personal "sense of wonder," for lack of a better term. I'm totally digging that vibe in what you created.

You injected a sense of urgency into this that I find lacking in many other games like this. It has a more serious tone too, which immediately engaged me.

Finally: I could see this as either the first chapter or the last chapter of a sprawling sci-fi epic. It has that feel to it. -Really- nice job with the storytelling here.

So if this is your first game then hey: at least as far as I see it, you've done pretty good! Keep at it. :)