Deep Delve

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DEEP DELVE: A game made within 72 hours for the Pre-Made Jam, November 2020.

You are the Sorceress, tasked with defending a frontier outpost. A newly-developed mine has breached a subterranean stronghold of hungry spiders! You rush to repel the threat... But is everything as it seems? Who are the real invaders?

There are four stages of ever-increasing intensity in DEEP DELVE. Fans of retro-style arcade action games will dig this.

Made by one person within a 72-hour window for the Pre-Made Jam, November 2020. The idea behind this game jam is that the art assets and game fonts are already there, and while you can colour them however you want, you can't create any additional art assets. The theme is announced at the start of the game jam window period. The theme for this game jam was "Deep."

The download link leads to the standalone download version (which I recommend, and this also has details on how to implement a gamepad/joystick for controls). However, there's also an HTML5 version available:

Quick Summary of game controls:

  • ARROW KEYS to move.
  • SHIFT to shoot. Hold SHIFT to autofire.
  • P to toggle game pause on/off. Works during action sequences, not narrative text.
  • R to Restart the stage or the game (when prompted).
  • C to Continue the game (when prompted).

Made For: 
An event


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I downloaded it because the

I downloaded it because the screenshot was enticing. I like the red guys standing behind the wall, it makes you wonder about what they are up to and who they are and what it's like living in that building. I played it and it was pretty nice, the best fun was after realising you only shoot in one direction, but before noticing shooting expends your power, so it was kind of like touhou space invaders. After a while somebody from my job tried to contact me and I pressed escape to try to pause and it went back to the main menu so I stopped after that.

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Game Pauses Now

danyburton, you've inspired me to try something I've not done yet in the games I've made. Deep Delve now pauses. :)

Press the "P" key to toggle game pause.
This works in both the standalone and online versions (now labeled v1.15).

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This is the right amount of frantic! The enemy types all complement each other very well. I like having to make the choice whether to throw your body against an enemy to protect the fortress vs letting them score a touchdown against you. Shooting and moving feels good.

I hate the purple shield bugs, but that is okay.

(Final score 5696)

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That's a respectable high score there, too. :)

I think I found a solid pace within stages by timing the spawn of certain enemies, and there is still time for the player to catch their breath before another shield bug or giant slime comes out. I'm very pleased with stage 3, and the arrival of the guys who throw boulders at you.

I've just implemented autofire, if you want to have a go at it again and see if it works well enough.

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Autofire Is In

As of version 1.2, autofire is implemented if you hold down the SHIFT key.

I sped up bullets a little bit, and the autofire happens at a satisfying pace. You can still hammer on the SHIFT key to shoot out a bunch of bullets quicker, should you need it.