Tomatoes! Gaiden

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The long overdue action-packed sequel to Tomatoes!. Tagged Small, Challenge, and Hard. Features vehicles, skill-trees, online competitive PVP, and unique two-dimensional maneuvering mechanics. Create your account now and battle your way to victory.

WARNING: Still contains tomatoes.

Gaze thee eyes also upon the Nifflas Support Forum post:

Vegetal Gibber, ncrecc, and Sergio Cornaga
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So happy this was finally

So happy this was finally completed! Have a gratuitous commemorative animation:

Now I just have to go and finish xZilas' level... Hopefully it won't take another 2.5 years!

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I didn't even know you made

I didn't even know you made this gif!! Amazing

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It's part of the official

It's part of the official merch. The collectible fluffs and the Rotten Tomato body pillow are being worked on as we speak!