Gamit: The Skyward Voyage

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I'm not one for talkin big and fancy about my games
top-down shooter with some janky weapons and fun bosses
if I ever make a sequel it'll be strictly just the bosses since I think they're the best part of this game


Durdge-o / Sushininja05
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Good Stuff Here

Working my way through the Slums now, after banging my head against the wall in the tutorial a few times (different weapons really DO help). Found my first secret password, and I'm wondering how to activate it - no telling!

This game seems pretty epic, and even the how-to manual you created for the game shows a lot of love and effort being poured into it. I definitely want to make my way into this game as far as I can, and check out some of the bosses you mentioned.

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look around in the options menu
most passwords are dumb cosmetics or are cheat codes
they won't stop you from progressing so if things ever get too reset heavy you won't be penalized

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ive been meaning to leave a comment here, i've played through the game and i had a lot of fun the whole way through. i really like the unique assortment of weapons to choose from and the large variety of gameplay styles they support. the love that went into making this game shows and i really enjoyed the experience