Kill the Ninjas 64

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Inspired to make the game thanks to Emilie Reed's The Iron Hand in the Velvet Glove.

Thanks to Eclipse for the leaks. You can read about them here. You can read more here, or check the sources by yourself here.
If there is more relevant information that you think should be listed here feel free to tell me. 

I'll upload a sort of making of/tutorial in the near future about the game, it will be posted here. I'll also upload the whole Unity project.

Game Engine: Unity
Graphics: Paint and Gimp
Sound Effects: bfxr
Music: MIDIs generated with Guitar Pro 5 (an old pirated version, don't know where to find that lol) and MIDIs converted with GXSCC

Made For: 


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Power Fantasy

I still remember playing this that first weekend of the New [calendar] Year. After a couple play-throughs (and yes, I felt very, very powerful) I checked out your source materials, and was kind of blown away by the extremes companies will go to in order To Protect Their Interests. Somewhere I saw a shout-out to Super Karty's Dread - which was also an enjoyable retelling of similar corporate antics - in your source materials.

I wonder if that corporation and its culture inspired you to go with ninjas and ronin (...maybe? I don't envision samurai as being champions of the people). And I wonder if the company were based in the US, for example, would it have been a "Rambo"-style romp through a high-rise office building?

Although the game is fun and frivolous, its roots are rotten and smell something terrible. Thanks for making this one (and welcome to GT!). :)