Windows version:

This is a Sekret Santa 2020 gift for Petra. The character in the game is designed by Petra.

Petra likes
and furries
and cozy stuff
and puns.

Explore and fly around this world. The world is small yet vast. You will find various items in the world, what will they do? If it is running slowly, try the Windows version. I hope everyone has fun in this game.

Made For: 
An event


Two people played the game

Two people played the game together on the couch and found all the stars and learned an exciting new word! Thanks :D

we messed up and didn't hear the music though. so im doing it again by myself to hear it.

EDIT: I heard all the musics!! wow.

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The bat jokes read like something you'd find on a popsicle stick or inside a joke book, but at the same time, I've never heard a single one of them in my life. They're completely unique. Well done!

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didn't take long for me to

didn't take long for me to get into the flow of this game... I wanted to explore the world and look for things- and gradually finding things to find was a nice way to keep me exploring.

I also like how you get a lot of mechanics in there, while avoiding obvious ones like combat, to really go deep into all the available mechanics such as hitting those destructable balls to break them and dig towards a star.

I was also feeling really sad on the day I played it and it brightened my mood. It was an exciting little world to poke around in

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Very cute game I liked

Very cute game I liked flying around :)