A Midsummer Night's Tree

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Just finished up a game for Global Game Jam 2021. The theme this year was Lost and Found.

MNT is a top-down, pick-up-and-deliver game set in a moody lagoon in the middle of the night. Row your boat, collect the Constellation Glyphs, and return them to their proper shrines to bring the Tree of Stars back to life before the time runs out...!

All music by Eric Matyas: www.soundimage.org

Instructions, additional credits, etc. in game.

Enjoy, and Thank You For Play! [sic]

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surreal atmosphere... I like

surreal atmosphere... I like the combination of lake at night/ trees/ zodiac imagery, and the music, it all adds up to something very interesting

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I appreciate your comments. I went heavy on creating the atmosphere in this one. I found the tool to make the ambient bird chirping sounds, and I think that seals the deal on the world I was trying to create.

On my next pass at this, I'll add more gameplay elements related to the Zodiac signs. For that, I think I'd need another weekend dedicated to game-making. For now, it's in a decent spot.