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My very first game uploaded on this glorious site, ahaha!
Here he is, with his very own spiritual mango collecting adventure!
The famous prequel to Cease, The Death RPG, Starring Tofumin.
"Which can be found here:"
A deep debate into the rise of power, but only in a mental sense!

I did all the materializations, including the Music.
~I hope you enjoy!

Made For: 
An event


lovely picnic

cool video game. i like the way the parallax clouds work by reading your input it is cool. the music is especially fabulous, really enjoyed the music

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Thank You!

Ah, those are the two things that I spent the most time on!
Those clouds were a real hassle to get to wrap, due to me sucking at Clickteam, I finally got the outcome I wanted after several hours of doing different wrapping methods, it was totally worth it though! The music was kind of time consuming, but I really did enjoy doing it!
Thanks for your kind words! :-)

cool game bro

a trippy game indeed, I like the twisted humor behind it all

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I came up with the dialogue in the shower, I originally wanted it to be about bread, but I scraped it!
Thanks for your comment, if you like surreal stuff check out my RPG Cease! :-)

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I liked the forest filled with repeating assets. It was thought provoking.