Ghost The Party

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I've been wandering around aimlessly lately... it led to this idea, "ghost the party"

Sprites courtesy of everythingstaken:

Made For: 
An event


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I talk a lot about canon not

I talk a lot about canon not really mattering but this game does not seem very canon to the BINKY universe! I don't think the fairy queen would ghost any party unless she was really upset! Also I bumped into BINKY and they said "Do I Know You?" D:

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I did not mean to be

I did not mean to be upsetting..... in a way I think of them as actors in the game, and this game as a dreamlike scenario that didn't actually happen... as if the assets are just performing a narrative like a stage play... and binky likewise

I love wandering around

I love wandering around aimlessly, it's my favourite activity. These days it doesnt happen much with the apps these youngs ones have going on on their mobile davice, you can basically teleport anywhere almost. The graphics are phenomenal