My First Girlfreind Is A Severed Hand

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Severed Hand Photo.png

Feeling lonely, in desperate need of companionship?
Severed hands can help in this RPG dating hybrid game!
Inspired by the cult classic, Keitai Denjū Telefang for the Gameboy device.
Use your mind and arrow keys to solve the mystery of why severed hands need love too?!?
Featuring music by the famous band Badfinger and critically acclaimed musician, myself!

Severed hands can be loved, it's not impossible...
~I hope you like it!

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reminds me of a certain

reminds me of a certain blond serial killer

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I think his name started with a K, and perhaps he lived in Japan?!?


This turned out a lot less creepy than I expected. :)

It reminds me of the real-life story of that lady who married the Eiffel Tower some time ago. The inclusion of the theses and the song on that ending montage screen made me think of your source material and I think it's a fitting-but-still-absurd tribute. Nice job!

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Ah, yes, that wasn't the direct inspo for this game, but
I do know the story you're talking about, and perhaps subconsciously it was!
Regardless, it's super cool how you drew that comparison!
I mainly just wanted a short one screened dating sim and
just kind of designed the game around that concept.
I included the Bad Finger song because I was listening to it
while I was making this, and thought it would be fun to include!
I'm glad you enjoyed :-)