You Have to Take a Trip to Hawai'i

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puzzly boats & water & crates game

hawai'i's postal code is HI

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This was fun! Took me a

This was fun! Took me a little while to work out that crates can be transferred between boats.

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(oops this was meant as a reply to spindly)

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oops I missed this reply for

oops I missed this reply for over a year
I put the part of my original comment in white spoiler text that blends with the page background, you should be able to read it if you select it.

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Gem without a gem

(The sequel being a gem with a gem)

"Puzzly boats" is a good description. It took me an embarrassingly long period of time to realise that they each point in a specific direction.

I'm eager to work out what the orange boxes are. Given that they propel the boats and are destroyed by water: giant blocks of soap? I used to make little paper boats and propel them by putting a small piece of soap at one end. Not a perfect explanation, it doesn't explain why you're playing soap golf, my idea needs more thought.

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the boxes are just the

the boxes are just the generic placeholder "crate" object. in puzzlescript dev lore (which does not exist) "crates" are magical objects, usually pushable, whose properties change from game to game and don't make any logical sense. here you see they can turn a full tile of water into a full tile of clear sand despite being made of wood and having a big ol hole in the top, and they magically propel boats forward as soon as they get on one.

however the tourist getting bored and playing soap golf is much more intriguing lore.