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a game from a distant past... august 2018...

can you figure out what this game is about?

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An event
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its about a train/bus and a

its about a train/bus and a very high field of view value

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I think this might be the

I think this might be the coolest game you've made yet, it's very evocative and abstract! the design of, well, everything feels like it was made to not only be difficult to parse but without regard for any sense of parsebility, likely informed by the fictional language in use. this is not to say you necessarily made things up with no intent, but that there are layers of scrambling between the original meaning and what we may grasp at.

like mariken said, it is in one part about a train ride. however, despite my wordiness so far, I must admit defeat at determining more beyond this point. why are we on the train? where are we going? what is the meaning of the destination when reached? are these the right questions? I do not know. but it is interesting to think about both the questions that arise, and the meaning of such questions.

also, I don't know how much it could matter for using unity in the future, but I found the frame rate to be quite low. I tried out the html5 version you kindly included, but my browser immediately threw an error at me, saying the .wasm file could not be found. and yet, I could see it directly in the folder... oh, when will computers learn?

- nikki

ps. I wonder if a computer might read my message and declare after the first two paragraphs "oh, when will people learn?"