Roglobau Blagoloo

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wow it's been a while since i made this game (august 2018) !

it was fun collaboratively building the dictionary with people

excited to see how other people approached this jam prompt

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An event


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Yesss!! I love the tone set by the lighting and sound.... a beautiful space to explore.

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thank u :)))

thank u :)))

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this is a really pretty

this is a really pretty place to explore, especially the odd colours, also especially the way it cycles between day and night and the lamps turn on at night. I like the mood even though I don't know what anyone's saying, and I liked the thing in the tallest tree that I think allowed me to change the time of day

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thank u!! <3 i appreciate

thank u!! <3 i appreciate it!
there is a way to translate what everyone is saying that's related to the thing that changes time of day, if u want to go back and try, but either way thanks for playing : )