Final Oasis (HoverRace)

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For some reason I decided to revisit an old game, HoverRace. It's so old that the server seems to be down, but fortunately had the installer backed up! I played some of my old courses I made years ago (they weren't very good), and decided to try and make a new one. So over the past few days I created this.

Race across a catwalk and try to thread the needle, or take a detour along the waterway. Climb some steps, then take a flying leap into a speed section and surf along the open water! Navigate an obstacle course, then travel through a tunnel that loops 720 degrees through itself! There's a shortcut if you're good at platforming, but watch out because it will make you miss one of the Pit Stops, so don't run out of fuel!

You will need HoverRace. You can get it from the Wayback Machine here:

Put "Final Oasis r1.trk" in C:\Program Files (x86)\HoverRace\tracks

The track source for HoverCAD is included in case you want to remix the level.

Update: Added mines to the track

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