Juni Confronts Her Inner Daemon


[CW: religion, death, spider character]

A brief parable wherein Juni sets out to eradicate an evil daemon from her mind. Well, not really a daemon, but close enough, right?

This is a tongue-in-cheek rendition of an idea that may be fleshed out in Twine or simply noninteractive prose eventually. This also marks the first Knytt Stories level that I or Black Widow have designed and completed.

-The Judge

The Judge, Black Widow, dottie
Made For: 
An event


"Inspiration porn"

The term "inspiration porn," I should clarify, refers to stories told about disabled people by abled people as to reduce their struggles to a source of inspiration. The description "Like inspiration porn, but dramatic" refers to the pop culture dramatization of plural systems as mentally ill, ironically mentioning this story - a parody of such depictions - as an example.

-The Judge