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you are the blockmancer. have fun building in this open ended sandbox!


left and right arrow key to move

left shift to jump

left click to place blocks

click on the clear button to erase your creation

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Welcome Back

Oh, Clickteam Physics... So adorable. Almost as adorable as that little person sprite you used. The blocks remind me of those hard pieces of gum you used to get in packs of trading cards back in the day.

Seriously: this was cute! I think the sounds you chose also fit well in this light-hearted sandbox toy thingy.

I'd like to learn how to put CT Fusion games into pages. Is there a tutorial for that somewhere? I'm clueless and would greatly appreciate some guidance.

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HTML5 export

There's an HTML5 export module you can get for Clickteam Fusion. All those add-on things are really expensive, but I think I got them all from some Humble Bundle or something for cheap.

I really like the block summoning SFX!

HTML-5 Works, but...

Yeah, I have made a number of games with the HTML5 exporter (and you're right: while it's very useful and I strongly recommend it, it's pricey), however have never been successful displaying games directly in itch. I always end up linking the page to a web page on my own server/website. Fortunepalace has the CT Fusion file displayed on itch, and that's the thing I've never learned how to do. (and would definitely want to do in the future).

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Oooooo gotcha. Well I

Oooooo gotcha.

Well I eagerly await an answer too then!

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yo sorry

just seen this!

to get the game on Itch, I exported it as HTML5, zipped the resulting file and uploaded it. it was pretty straightforward, no messing around. i'm using the free version of Fusion that only exports as HTML5, but i imagine the full version/exporter works in much the same way.

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This is lovely! I like the

This is lovely! I like the sounds and the blockmancer seems to be quite the blockdancer!

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thank you!

all the sounds are ripped from the much-maligned Wii Music