dream metro quadrilogy

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four small lands based on recurring dreams i've had, along with some thoughts

made in/to be played in katelabs


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I really loved this! I loved

I really loved this! I loved the use of teleporters and a central hub area to get between them. I loved the mood of all of them, too. the station was a favourite.
had a lot of excitement as I got to discover each of these areas from reading their titles first and seeing the little schematics before setting off in the kart to go to them.

also loved the little rotating cubes at every metro of a colour corresponding to the world I was in.

it feels like a lot of effort was put into this (and I know how akward the controls are so-) well done on that!

I visited each section at least twice to see every detail. I like the collapsed area of the station, I love the creek's house with the sliding door, I love the big billboards at each entrance with the details... I like how you can see each area tantilisingly floating off in the distance.... everything about this is so great

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thanks for the kind words :>

thanks for the kind words :> glad you enjoyed

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Going to the obelisk zone

Going to the obelisk zone and looking up into the sky and seeing the other worlds reminds me of this art for shin megami tensei if...

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nice... i debated whether or

nice... i debated whether or not to put all the worlds in separate files instead so i'm glad you got something out of having them all in one

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I enjoyed visiting your

I enjoyed visiting your worlds. It's interesting to see other people's dreams.

Your airport scared the hell out of me. Even though you warned me about the spooky people... they suddenly turned the calm atmosphere into something more sinister. Like monsters appearing in lit areas rather than shadows.

The twisted escalators were a nice touch. For some reason that rings true with me, but I can't put my finger on it. I don't think I've ever ended up in escalator traps in my dreams? Perhaps I have. We need some Escher levels involving escalators.

I couldn't get up your ladder in the snow level (maybe I'm missing some information?).

I wish your snow level had a little bit of sound ambience. I felt physically disconnected when visiting it, which oddly left me feeling like I was missing out somehow. I don't live in a place with snow, perhaps that's my problem.

Similarly I had trouble connecting with your busstop dream. It's probably because I enjoy taking buses late at night so much, this contrasts heavily with the toner of fear or abandonment I get from your bus stop setting. Night buses are like private chauffeur services to me, with the real dreamworld being inside the lit bus captained by a strange steely figure that will happily drive almost empty for hours but then suddenly announce that "this is the last stop" as if it would matter. I enjoy the walks in the dark afterwards too, all nice and quiet and cool.

Your church garden/graveyard dream struck close to home. Only recently I dreamed I had bought a graveyard and lived in a small building off its side. My job was to take care of the graveyard and I seemingly enjoyed the solitary pace of it. Apparently this graveyard was cheap (so I could afford it! Take that Sydney house prices!).

Starting on the bed is a nice touch :)

Trains a buses in dreams

I too have had transport dreams that stand out.

Often I'm back in highschool somehow mixed with a trainstation. A very complicated trainstation. I go through phases of admiring it and then stressing about having to be somewhere, but typically this stress evaporates when I analyse it and can't remember what I had to do. Then the dreams end (I think this style of dream over-stimulates me, waking me up!).

The people in these trainstations are never ephemeral or scary, they're just ordinary school age people. Sometimes I know them (?) other times they look like they're from different schools.

Ironically I never used the train to get to school. I used buses. I never dream of buses. On reflection this is actually rather disappointing, I need to have a cool dream involving a bus and lots of drifting.

Another dream I had involved buying a train ticket to a ski slope (in my mind getting a train to the top of a mountain makes sense). I arrived there only to discover that you could not buy tickets at this destination, so I was stuck forever. The people running the station lambasted me and then ignored me. I felt stupid and hopeless.

Dreaming or not, medications

most of my recent sleep has been dreamless... not sure why but I have heard anecdotally that this is a possible but rarely document side effect of cryproterone if you had have a similar experience on that drug i would love to hear from you

I have a friend that has been on a variety of pschye meds. One of the biggest impacts he used to talk to me about was the effect on his dreams. Some drugs would inhibit them entirely (or I guess just his ability to recall them?). Others would make his dreams absolutely stunning and easy to remember. He had mixed feelings about this, on one hand he enjoyed sharing many of these dreams with people but on the other hand they were exhausting.

I believe he is still on psyche meds, but he was cycled through several until they found some that didn't have as severe effects. I'll ask him if he recognises that drug name.

Another friend I have has lots of problems with nightmares. I don't think discussing dreams was ever a comfortable topic. This really contrasted with me -- I have nightmares seldom, or at least remember them seldom. Perhaps it's also because I feel really secure in evaluating my dreams once I wake up, eg I get over dreams where I feel lots of panic and guilt ("I just murdered the principle, why???") within seconds, perhaps because they don't seem as real to me?