dream metro quadrilogy

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four small lands based on recurring dreams i've had, along with some thoughts

made in/to be played in katelabs


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An event


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I really loved this! I loved

I really loved this! I loved the use of teleporters and a central hub area to get between them. I loved the mood of all of them, too. the station was a favourite.
had a lot of excitement as I got to discover each of these areas from reading their titles first and seeing the little schematics before setting off in the kart to go to them.

also loved the little rotating cubes at every metro of a colour corresponding to the world I was in.

it feels like a lot of effort was put into this (and I know how akward the controls are so-) well done on that!

I visited each section at least twice to see every detail. I like the collapsed area of the station, I love the creek's house with the sliding door, I love the big billboards at each entrance with the details... I like how you can see each area tantilisingly floating off in the distance.... everything about this is so great

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thanks for the kind words :>

thanks for the kind words :> glad you enjoyed

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Going to the obelisk zone

Going to the obelisk zone and looking up into the sky and seeing the other worlds reminds me of this art for shin megami tensei if...

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nice... i debated whether or

nice... i debated whether or not to put all the worlds in separate files instead so i'm glad you got something out of having them all in one