Chaos Zone

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This is the CHAOS ZONE. Can you survive?

Interact with the heads to teleport.

needs Katelabs to play

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An event


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I like that things are so

I like that things are so large-scale here- I usually see small-scale environments with a focus on detail but this is a much larger space with a focus on platforming. I explored I think most of it but I feel like there's still more. only found one head. I also found a spinning rat. I like the use of fog to make it a hard-to-navigate space. I also like how sometimes it took me a second to figure out what meshes some shapes were

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you need to enter the head

you need to enter the head and press the enter key on your keyboard

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The fog and teleporters also

The fog and teleporters also confused me, but after reading these comments I've been able to explore a lot better.

Lots of interesting things around. I found the enlarged copy of the Katelabs manual useful >:D It should be a rule that every world has a stupidly large copy of this that requires you to turn into a giant to read it.

"Arrghh, he's a giant! Run!" "DON'T MIND ME, I'M JUST READING THE MANUAL" *screaming*

Near fog (or low draw distances) is a game element I remember a lot from games in my childhood. It's mostly gone out of favour, but for exploration games it can be really useful. I recently recall playing a bit of Test Drive 3 which had a lot of hidden mystique in various corners of the world that you would never know is there during "normal" gameplay.

I am not sure if the teleporting heads are supposed to take me anywhere else other than in the bottle and back. Some tying together of these ideas with some story or explanation might help confused people like me.

I love the slanted burger shack. The employee is used to it, she lies a bit crooked against her rock to compensate. For some reason I suddenly crave chips...

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Wait a second.... those are

Wait a second.... those are gravestones inside the burger joint.


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i didn't survive chaos zone

i didn't survive chaos zone and now my body rests in the burger cemetery for all eternity