Gooshlands Gathering

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These worlds were formed from many oozes, of slimy substances that pound, mix and mash.
The slippery sludges of daily mundanity converge into a lake of strange splendor, and The Gooshlands are born.

This is a pack of four worlds you can explore in Katelabs:

  • Gooshlands, a mish-mash created via a collaboration with several friends
  • Desert Pilgrimage, a map which sends you on a long journey across red-hot dunes
  • Magic Carpet, in which rainbow carpets shoot sparkles to stress-test your PC
  • Boxforest, a ghostly indoor grove

These worlds are in open beta, and more will be added to them over time, probably.

Make sure your copy of Katelabs is up to date before you begin.

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thought I commented on this

thought I commented on this but I guess I forgot, sorry to keep you waiting!

this is the biggest one I've received yet and I like the way this feels collaborative and also I love Gooshlands a lot... feels like a real place with lots o mysteries. I like how there are lots of places to shrink and grow. I also like the choices of colour, where it feels intentionally primary-coloured yet muted, and feels sort of gooey. I feel like I can smell this place and it smells a bit like blu-tak and erasers

I liked the tiny bear in a jar. And the little garden inside the dome. And the way it looks like the whole thing is inside a very elongated tube

the desert pilgrimage is also a ton of cool ideas, I like the distance it takes (and that... VERY stretched house at the end?!) having a very long area is something I haven't seen anyone do yet. also liked that I was trekking to mcdonald's

boxforest was smaller but had a cool aesthetic with the trees in boxes. looked around for a while to see what kind of mysteries were there.

magic carpet was. a lot of tension on the computer but made for a nice closing world to finish the piece.