BINKY XXII: The Last Happy Meal

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If you have the time, please read "onMasterSlaveAndGodotDevelopers" in txt or pdf formats

The twenty-second in the award winning BINKY series!

The year is 2068 BC (BUBBO-LAND CALENDAR). Things have changed. Ronaldo McDonaldo has seized the desert-continent, and populates it with a peppering of burgers and fortresses. He is an angry tyrant, whom none can oppose. The hero, BINKY, rides their trusty steed, SUPER-CAR, to defeat Ronaldo McDonaldo's minions...

This is the story of THE LAST HAPPY MEAL.


Space - Speed up Intro, Fire Weapon

W,Up Arrow - Up

A,Left Arrow - Left

S,Down Arrow - Down

D,Right Arrow - Right

1,2,3 - Change Weapon

R - Turn on Auto Move

T - Turn on Auto Fire

Esc - Quit


Various Artworks from Klik&Play

Artwork from Wario Land 4

Artwork from Wario Land 2

Artwork from Yoshi's Island DS ripped by Mageker

Artwork from Donald Land

Artwork from Scooby-Doo: Cyber Chase (GBA)

Hamburglar from Crum: Asset Pack for Marek & Co by Everythingstaken

Artwork from Quest for Glory 2: Trial By Fire

Artwork by Kishio

Artwork from Lego Set 3438-1

Photograph of Grand Canyon by @bumblebees95

Music & Sounds:

Overworld from Legend of Zelda: Wand of Gamelon

Chaos World Battle

Last Armageddon 3 (Famicom) Sequenced by Stockman

splat from Roblox

STRETCH1 from The Games Factory

sound from the Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald

sounds from Japanese McDonald's commercials

sound from Mario Paint

sounds from DOOM

sounds from Klik&Play

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