Adventures of Mike The Great Part 7

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Game File (Linux): 

Enemies: Skelel, Belak, Kisya.
Miniboss: Ysonob.
Enemies: MEGA KISYA, belalak
Boss: Redman

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Failed Again

Facing that white cat creature is absolutely theee TOUGHEST boss stage you've created yet. And am I correct in assuming that's the mini-boss?

Whew. You've bested me once again. But it's not for lack of trying. The pattern can be recognized, but when the random shots come down after it's changed form, all bets are off... Excellent music choice for both stages I saw, too!

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You can

Yes this is a miniboss, if you stucked, you can skip him by pressing Page Up. You also can skip levels that you already completed by pressing Page Up