Epic battle simulator pro

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Just enjoy this spectacle of seeing little pixelated soldiers killing each other in an epic battle !!!

optionally you can bet which army will win the battle.

F2 to restart the battle.

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An event


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Couldn't run

I couldn't run this because I'm missing CNCS32.dll. Is there something I need to install first before this will work?


If you have any version of Clickteam Fusion or MultiMedia Fusion, you should be able to open the .GAM file included. Maybe KNP For Schools will also work?

Beyond that... I was thinking there was a download somewhere for that DLL file you're missing, but I can't remember where the link was posted.

If you want the free version of CF, that will likely run the GAM file, here's a download link:

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Hi, I have re-uploaded the game including the cncs32.dll

I hope now you can run it.

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It works now, thanks! ^^

It works now, thanks! ^^

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Super cool

This is a super cool toy. It's absolutely fascinating how tiny variations in luck and placement can effect the outcome of the battles. Not all of the battles are super eventful, since this is essentially just two equally equipped and trained columns crashing into each other, but sometimes it can get interesting. In one run, the blue army was routed until all but one remained. That one remaining soldier then fought off the entirety of the red army single-handedly, until the last red soldier managed to strike him down. I also ran into an endless duel, where the two participants clashed over and over until they both fought their way offscreen, where they presumably continue their legendary battle to this day.

I'm gonna have to set apart an afternoon some time to learn enough mmf to crack this open and see how it works


The only thing I can add to this discussion is that just yesterday I was having a discussion about specifically Final Fantasy 1 with someone else, and hearing the battle-resolution music was a nice trip down memory lane. :)

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I Love Final Fantasy 1

Final Fantasy 1 is my favorite video game.

In "Epic battle simulator pro" it is rare that all the soldiers of both armies die. In that case the music of Game Over from Final Fantasy 1 sounds, beautiful.

I'm sorry if there are errors in my English (I use google translator)