Birthday Cake

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You are a birthday cake. It is somebody's birthday. You must serve yourself to the guests at the party.

Move around with the arrow keys or WASD. During the intro you can only move left or right. During gameplay, you can only push the cake in a specified direction for a limited amount of time, which is reset every time you collide with a guest. You will otherwise bounce around by your own momentum.

Each guest can eat up to three pieces of cake, at which point they will leave because they are full. When you fall off the bottom of the screen, the game is over and you will be taken to the ending, which will include a tally of your score.

Credits are available inside a text file in the download.

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An event


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You released this one day

You released this one day after my birthday! now I gotta wait a whole year.

Regardless I love the sfx and fun atmosphere... a fun game fit for any birthday party!

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I was actually hoping I'd

I was actually hoping I'd happen to have it done on the day of your bday, since I knew it was coming up, but unfortunately I wasn't quite able to :(

I'm glad you had such fun with it though, thank you!

- Nikki

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EDIT: removed

EDIT: removed, commented on wrong game sorry.

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I actually played this back

I actually played this back when you first released it but I forgot to leave a comment! I just played it again and it's just as good as I remembered. I love your choice of music and sound effects. Not to mention the introduction. Now that's how you start a game... I like rolling the cake across everybody from left to right and back again and seeing how long I can get away with that without jumping. My highest score was "a lot of slices of cake."

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I'm glad you appreciate the

I'm glad you appreciate the audio and intro so much, I put a lot of care into making those as rewarding as I could :) congrats on the high score, that sounds like a lot!!