The Rat's Dream


a rat dreams of crazy stuff

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Cubewell's picture

I loved this!

I loved this! Short and sweet, with lots of whimsical details. I liked the banana that teleports you.

Kate B's picture

this is inspired, I love the

this is inspired, I love the teleporters, they break up the shape of it and make areas feel connected. also I just love the mood of the whole space.

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This map makes me feel

This map makes me feel hungry. I have not had hot chips in months, but suddenly my mind has cravings. The floating banana is joyous, one sec whilst I go get one.

Is there a way to get onto the final garbage can (without turning into a giant, which I presume is cheating)?

Interesting bug with the rotating platforms: the player turns the opposite direction to their rotation. Perhaps they're upside down?