Stop Shooting Yourself

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I was going to make some sort of shmup tower defense thing where you place towers/options/multiples around the screen and try to avoid being killed by waves of enemies without having weapons on the player "ship" itself, but then I didn't feel like making waves of enemies and noticed that I had already basically made potential obstacles in making the towers.

The red bar draining at the top indicates when the next tower will spawn. When it empties, a new tower is placed at your current position. After another few seconds, the tower goes into "active" mode. Once active, the tower fires bullets at a set rate. Survive for as long as possible and set that high score!

Arrows - move
Shift - slow movement speed

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That was kind of neat,

That was kind of neat, balancing the urge to hide from existing guns w/ the urge to make an easier to avoid layout.

My main suggestion is to rename it to "Stop Shooting Yourself! Stop Shooting Yourself!"