Melonman gets 25 stars

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I got this nasty habit of making games only I'm interested about (see Tank Squabble)
anyway I remembered that back then there was this
short flash game called cat gets 100 stars or something
so i was wondering how something like that would work in 3D?
also as usual i got lazy and there are only 25 stars

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An event


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I really like the level

I really like the level design on display here--it feels like a Super Mario 64 level, or maybe even a Quake level, where it strikes a nice balance between representing a plausible space (some sort of castle, with a cute little courtyard) and being built to be traversed. I also like Melonman. he's a funny little guy

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I think I asked about this

I think I asked about this before, but what game engine are you using? Is it some sort of Quake-like, or is it an engine that you wrote yourself?

sry i missed it

its something i wrote myself (c++, opengl for 3D, openal for sound and various other libs: stb_image, stb_vorbis, dr_wav, miniz.h, pugixml )

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yaaay i got all the stars.

yaaay i got all the stars. fun little game and i like how generous the respawn is. now i kinda wanna play super mario sunshine... mmmm...​

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delightful... short... nice

delightful... short... nice weighty controls.... this is what I like out of a platformer. panicked sometimes as some stars looked hard to get, but then turned out to be pretty easy.

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Technical credit: really

Technical credit: really smooth input. I've played a lot of games that feel like they have laggy (buffered), smoothed (delayed) or otherwise nasty input. Camera control felt beautifully precise.

Mouse acceleration did feel a bit off, but I suspect you're adding that in yourself, given that you're getting "raw" mouse input? I'm running this under Wine so perhaps you're still getting pre-accelerated data, dunno.

Physics was smooth, notably the camera avoided sudden jumps when "rising onto" platform edges from below. Thankyou for not jerking the camera around constantly.

Once I discovered double jump I realised this map was easier than I thought :D Speedran it, lots of skips.

Thankyou for sharing. Also thanks for telling me that I was entertaining :)

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Love it. The movement and

Love it. The movement and controls feel so "right" to me. I'm also really impressed with how smoothly this runs on my ancient-by-modern-standards 2009 Windows 7 laptop, most newer 3D games no matter how small kill it, so in my eyes that's a testament to how good your engine is. Played through it twice in one sitting and I'm sure there are many more playthroughs to come. Also great use of Moonlight Sonata.