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Sat, Nov 27 2021 06:00 PM
11/27/2021 - 18:00
01/10/2022 - 09:29

Welcome to GT’s sekret santa, the event where people make a list of things they like to see, and then those lists are randomly assigned to other participants to make a present for them.

Do you wanna participate? Here’s how it will go:

First, before DECEMBER 10TH you have to make and comment a list of things you would be interested in seeing in your present. Please keep in mind that your Santa may have a different skillset than what you’re expecting, and try to make your requests achievable by all sorts of people.

Then, after DECEMBER 10TH I’ll secretly send you a person’s list, and then you get to make them a present!! You’ll have a month to do it but it’s alright if you give your gift late, there’s no pressure.


A NEW TWIST: When you're commenting the list of things you would want, you should also include the amount of time you're planning to work on your gift. "I think I'm going to spend about 2 weeks on this present." It's just a guideline, of course, but I think it'll be helpful for everyone.


Along with the list, you’ll also be sent a link to one of the discord servers for the event. The person who you’re making a game for and the person who is making your game will not be in the same server as you, so you can share how your progress is going with some peers.


Maybe you’re interested, but this seems like a lot of commitment. Well, there are other roles available to keep this event running smoothly. You can sign up to be a Sekret Fairey , which means you get access to all of the servers and you can see how everyone’s doing. Or you can sign up to be a Backup Santa , which means you can jump in if someone can’t finish their gift. These roles don’t submit lists, so they can join at any time.

Games made for SEKRET SANTA 2021: EXTREME


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sry, things got a lil crazy, the gift I made should be coming soon

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I would like to be...

I would like to be a Sekret Fairy... but I am also willing to be a Backup Santa if the need for one arises.

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Thank you for organizing

Thank you for organizing everything TheCakeFlavor :)))

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Santa is GO!

Thanks everyone for joining!!

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A Subtle Sant


  • At least one invertebrate
  • Fire as a decoration
  • Swords being used for things swords aren't usually used for
  • Some ascii art in the readme file maybe?
  • Low hardware requirements, please

These are some things that I would like for Christmas, if that's alright. If it's not alright, well, you are the immortal god of presents, so I'm sure you'll figure something out.

I wanna say I'll spend like 20 hours over the course of like a couple weeks? idk

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Heck it why not, I hope

Heck it why not, I hope it'll be alright

I like:
Bats and animals (like everything, but check out sables if you want to see a particularly fluffy thing today)
Furries and anthro stuff
Cozy huggy affectionate things
Neat sprots
Cozy/chill/cute vibes
queer shit hell yeah
I keep thinking about how Guan's Island on itch plays what with just being explory with no combat or anything, I think that's interesting
Little (semi-)hidden areas

I'm going to lowball the heck out of my available effort this year, so let's say a week?

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Wishing good luck upon all

Wishing good luck upon all participants! can't be one of them this year but regardless. thank u

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okay FINE I'll do it GOSH fine okay GEEZE

I wasn't gonna participate, because grad school, but I just realized I haven't made a short game in over a year and it has been multiple (plural!) years since I last Santa'd, and that ain't right! I miss this event.

Here's what I want:
-a lesbian crushing on somebody
-good explosion(s)
-rock n' roll (loud and fast)
-John Stuart Mill and Harriet Taylor are in it, I don't know
-Digimon (I like Terriermon. And Renamon. And Jellymon. And all of them, really. Even the poop ones. Especially the poop ones. Honestly the more Digimon the better.)

Feel free to pick and choose, especially depending upon your own interests in modern philosophy or multimedia anime franchises.

I really should only spend 10 hours on this over break so I can actually spend some of my free time on the RPG I'm supposed to be making (?).

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You don’t have to follow any of that

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Heeeey, it's been a long

Heeeey, it's been a long time! I'll actually have some spare time to make a lil game for this, if that's cool?

My desires would be:
-lots of traveling
-maps are important
-low key electronic music (like dub techno or w/e)
-weird nostalgia
-liminal spaces
-outdated technology
-bizarre, 'I Think You Should Leave'-style social interactions
-no mention of Christmas

Feel free to pick and choose or interpret these however makes sense for your toolset/time.

I will probably spend 10 to 15-ish hours on whatever I make, depending on my victim's suggestions strike me.

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hope it's not too late to

hope it's not too late to join ^^;

my wishlist this year:
~ chill, relaxing, cozy vibes
~ cute
~ exploration!
~ magical girls or witches or magic in general
~ anthropomorphic/furry characters
~ gay or trans as heck
~ really really tiny metroidvania
~ collecting stuff
~ card game
~ pretty crystals
~ visual novel/interactive fiction
~ space whales or space jellyfish or just space as an ocean in general
~ bunnies
~ tricky puzzles
~ sad robots
~ arcadey high-score type game
~ rain sounds
~ bounciness
~ meeting quirky and unique characters
~ non-violent
~ secrets to find
~ weird control scheme or movement mechanics
~ climbing to the top of a tall thing
~ really short but with replayability
~ weird plants

it's hard to estimate the number of hours I'll spend on it, but I'll probably work on it for about two weeks? going to try my hardest to keep my scope small so I can finish it in time this year!

to my santa: sorry if my long wishlist looks intimidating, I just wanted to include a lot of different things to choose from so you'll hopefully find something you vibe with or get inspired by. I definitely don't expect you to do all of them! some wouldn't mix very well at all, heh. pick whichever and however many speak to you. the most important thing is that you have fun working on it. I'm sure I'll love whatever you end up making, ty! <3

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I've been looking forward to

I've been looking forward to this! Let's get Sekreting and Santa-ing ❄☃

For Klikmas this year I would kindly like:
❄ A hot swamp
❄ Trading card games or card game mechanics or a tragic trading card game world championship backstory for the main character
❄ Vintage electronics
❄ Using the mouse to do weird stuff (if that is possible in your game engine of choice)
❄ An altar of boyfriends
❄ Please also include the phrase "DELICIOUS BONE FLAPS" somewhere in there, thanks

PS: The present does not need to include all of the above. If anything doesn't float your boat in here feel free to adapt or alter or skip if you like :}
I think the most important thing is that we all have fun this December and not stress out too much over making the perfect gift!

Now, regarding the gift I'll be making: I don't think I'll have too much time,so I'm only going to spend a couple of days on it. A week at most. I have been playing around with AI generated code (which is very trashy and hot) so I might generate some images/text/code snippets to inspire me and get those Klikmas juices flowing.

Wishing you all a merry, jolly, wet and grimy Klikmas!

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sekret santa

seems like not many people submitting this year. or maybe there will be a lot of just in time submissions... ah. I will contribute.

Three Things, but it can be one or more if you have problems with game engine or skill level

> Cat and Mouse in Love
Nature turned on its' head. the classic struggle has taken a turn for the better, but can they truly love each other?
> Arcade Mechanics
Okay probably half of why I picked the first option is because I've been playing Mappy! I love how the trampoline feels. I've also wanted to try Tower of Druaga but that one is a bit more frustrating.
I want mappy and goro to kiss...
> ???
Mystery . . . Surprise Me ! Think of the unexpected.

I will probably take 2 to 3 weeks to finish my game but may be quicker than that. My game will probably be in clickteam fusion maybe using a WIP I designed for mobile games. I'll probably start around the 20th or a little earlier because I am busy with school.

Thank you ! ^_^

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- party
- sexy
- stupid

I’ll spend 3 hours on this game

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im secre sant.

three possible prompts:

❤︎ the game or whatever revolves around a drawing/painting. said artwork is abstract and mysterious or something.

❤︎ spreadsheet involved in some way. the game can be a spreadsheet, the readme can be a spreadsheet, there can be a spreadsheet in the game, you can use the spreadsheet in the process of making this but not included in the final thingy, the word 'spreadsheet' is mentioned briefly, whatever

❤︎ use an asset you've already used in a game you've already made

me: i'll wait until the last day or so before deadline and use a non-game engine or maybe even a simple non-coding engine (twine, plink plink, etc) or maybe even physical idk lol loveu

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Sekret Santaaaaaaaaaa!

Wasn't going to participate this year but what the hell?! Here is my list - written in a hurry. late at night when I'm tired and in no particular order:

A bus, a bus driver or a bus station
A fast-moving, overblown story as in a thriller or a melodrama - doesn't have to make much sense
An overwhelming UI
Popular theatrical entertainment of the past - variety, music hall, revue, vaudeville
Something about collecting or collectors
Paranormal investigation
Observers outside the game world commenting on it
Someone obsessed with pens or just lots of pens

Any subset of these will do - I don't expect all of them in a single game; I just wanted to give some options.

I probably won't have too much time to work on something myself - perhaps a total of twenty hours?

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thanks thecakeflavor for

thanks thecakeflavor for helping to wrangle all of us. appreciated.

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Heck yeah secret santa

Heck yeah secret santa stuff

However, to my shame I've not finished submissions for either of the last two years, so I dunno if that's a problem for joining up again...

Aye hey

Sign me up brotha

Hit me with:
-some sorta endless high score-based game
-main gimmick is controlling the angle of the player
-weather/changing day time gimmick
-no audio!

Nobody's gonna STOP me but MYSELF, I've got the NEED to SUCCEED.
--So in that same vein I'd have to give the fair warning that I'll prolly aim too high with the scope and it'll come out near the tail end of December or longer.
As such, whichever person is gunnin' to do the game I've suggested, you should take as much time as ya please.

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YOOO, I am so excited to participate. It's been a few years for me! Maybe like 5 years since i last participated in one of these.

Oooh, great idea to request worms Marek, yes.

Things i appreciate in Secret Santa games made for me in 2021:
- noise music (wolf eyes?+)
- mid-20th century colorfield painting
- graffiti
- Jorge Luis Borges
- recorded vocals
- kites
- a game with lots of dialog or town signs or storefront signs, i guess i'm thinking lots of text too much text
- works on linux or on the web
- archives, museums, libraries

I don't have any preferences for how a game is made. Tabletop or twine or katelabs or asset-pack or what-have-you.

For my gifteee I will likely make a flatgame or a web-based game (HTML,CSS,JS) and create some original music and probably invest a couple hours, 2 to 5ish, though it could be more if I lurv the requests.

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It's the most wonderful time

It's the most wonderful time of the year!!!

For klikmas I'd awfully like....
* Secret passages
* A list of things to do
* an endless and motionless worm. different segments of their body appear throughout as a reoccuring character
* stillness and the option to stand still for as long as I want
* good ambient sfx

I usually aim to spend about an hour a day for the whole of December for my klikmas games, with a bit more hustle towards the end as I wrap up.

If I may, I'd like to request permission to make a tabletop / print-and-play / otherwise analog game rather than a video game. That's been more my jam lately (burnt out on video game making...) so if there's any way to make sure my giftee would be okay with that i'd really appreciate it. Sometimes people's lists clearly have a desire for whiz-bang and flashing lights-ery that is tough to replicate and I don't want to disappoint anyone

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hello i would like to be a secret santa

  • makes you think
  • play as espurr from pokemon
  • many projectiles
  • explore a world with secrets

i myself will probably spend about a couple weeks on my gift, which is about how long it has taken me the last two times i did the secret santa