The Katelabs Advent Calendar

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The Katelabs Advent Calendar! 25 doors each containing a small world makes this (I believe!?) the biggest Katelabs world to date!


Q: it runs so slowly! A: get the most recent version of Katelabs, where I sped the game up kind of specifically to handle things like this!

Q: can I open all the doors at once? A: yes, but if you do you have to leave a comment as a trade.

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I'm going to stay strong and

I'm going to stay strong and not peak into any of the doors before their day but I still want to leave a comment right now. I really love the concept! I've bookmarked KateLabs on my taskbar and will take some time each day to have a look. Day 1 and day 2 are already quite cool, I like that day 1 is sort of a tutorial for how to enter the doors. Chilling in the cabin has a 'lobby' feel, kinda makes me wish KateLabs had a multiplayer mode :}
I'll post again once I've checked out all the doors, maybe I'll keep track of my favorite days and make a top 3 or something.

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I just want to say I

I just want to say I appreciate all the comments you leave on my works! I keep seeing you around. I'm glad to hear you're doing the advent calendar in order and I appreciate you told me so! I look forward to any updates!

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Thanks for the kind message

Thanks for the kind message :}

So, finally getting around to commenting on this after I've opened all doors. Had a lot of fun coming back to this! It is amazing how much detail you managed to add to this especially by using the shrink feature. I didn't think at first I'd be surprised quite as many times as I was!

Now for my personal favorites (spoilers I guess :>). I really enjoyed the simple but neatly coded rooms, like day 18 with the picture that's being drawn and also when stuff came out of the door and interesting use of space, like with day 12 with the pirate ship.
My top 3 however are:

Day4 - Jester
I don't even know why. Just good timing and use of sound effects!

Day 13 - Elf Bowling
I was really amazed by this. It's so cool when you can hack together these sort of complex interactions with very minimal scripting tools. Reminds me a bit of RPG Maker and such!

Day ? - Super Mario 64 Snow World
Sorry, forgot which day this one was. But this was still my favorite. I guess seeing the little rendition of the SM64 level gave me this cozy diorama type feeling that felt quite christmas-y.

So, thanks for this! I hope advent calendar games become a thing, because this was quite fun!

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the super mario snow world

the super mario snow world is door 10, just like it is in the game!

I am proud of the jester room that's one of my faves. also I was proud to get elf bowling in there, an oft-forgotten christmas classic

and yeah I wanted to have more things that populated the world outside the advent calendar, and, if I had been using something a little more... eaasy to use than katelabs, I would've had it so the chill cabin gets slowly populated with people you meet over time, as well as the world. I didn't manage to do anything like this so really the only doors that affect the outside world are minimal. I'm glad I got some in, though- it serves as a demonstration of what something like this can do.

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Oi It takes a while to load

Oi It takes a while to load even on 2.03 ! So that's why I was naughty and opened them all over two days
This is probably the largest katelabs level, and the best use of the shrinking mechanic
I kept getting stuck on slippery ice corners though and kept changing size until I fell out of the world
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So far I've had enough willpower...

So far I've had enough willpower to not open any of the doors before their day. But I'm not sure if I'll be able to keep it up.
I liked that the numbers are jumbled and have to be sought out, just like they would be on a physical advent calendar. It's a little thing, but a nice touch.

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this is neat. hadn't used an

this is neat. hadn't used an advent calendar before but i've heard of it. i tried it and enjoyed it. some funny little surprises in there.