losers lament 3

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hi everyone, here is another game i made last week. hope you enjoy.

Made For: 
An event


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I love how all the games of

I love how all the games of yours I've played merge live action footage with 3D models so seemlessly. and also I love the filter to make it look like it's shot with the same style of camera. it's a style I've never really seen before

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this is really something. i

this is really something. i love it. a short intense undefinable feeling. not quite dread. a little bit of an urban voyeur feeling since we're standing outside looking in, but the controls are of the indoor player so a cognitive dissonance.

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Thanks for making this -

Thanks for making this - definitely something that will stay with you and keep popping into your mind after you've 'played' it. One of those experiences for which the word 'game' obviously won't do; a sort of experience more commonly met with in certain types of poetry or installation art. I think it does a great job of evoking a complex of thoughts and feelings with a combination of simple elements that work so well together.

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i like the impersonal camera

i like the impersonal camera angle. i'm sorry ogres feeling blue but they seem to have made a very cozy space for themself in their room. very moody