The Aging Process

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message Welcome to The Aging Process, an accurate Aging Simulator

message Arrow Keys to feebly attempt to resist time. Z to undo. R to restart.

message There is no way to win. Enjoy?


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I really enjoyed this.

I really enjoyed this. Whenever I managed to move it, the nose slime made really pretty, interesting shapes.

really evocative, especially

really evocative, especially with the name. it wasn't until the second time i played that i saw the face, the first time i just saw a bunch of different abstract elements moving around. i kind of liked it better that way but the face is nice too. but it felt more cartoony and less serious after noticing that.
has that nice 'impenetrable system' feeling where you know your input means something but its hard to figure out exactly what. even the movement didn't seem to reliably follow my pressing the arrow keys. i don't want to get old..

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this just goes to show that

this just goes to show that it's never too early to start using moisturizer