Looking for the long-lost "Anti-Pokemon Trainer" games by Amazer

I am trying to find a couple of Klik 'n' Play games I downloaded as a kid circa 2002/2003. They were called "Anti-Pokemon Trainer" / "Anti-Pokemon Trainer 2" and were created by a German guy called "Amazer" who was part of a greater (and edgy) "anti-Pokemon" community on the internet back in those days.

Much of the gameplay consisted of shooting Pokemon characters as they bounced around the screen. Some other stages I can remember included an Old West shootout with Misty (from the Pokemon anime) which was actually decently challenging, and a space stage with a scrolling asteroid field that was pretty impressive for the KnP engine. There was an overarching plot with Jesus (from South Park) assigning you missions, silly little cutscenes between the stages, and a soundtrack of 1990s/2000s butt metal in MIDI form.

I've been asking around various communities for many years to no avail, but hadn't thought to ask here before.